Our Mission

Turn the Corporate World into a Force for Good on a Global Scale

What is Social Impact World?

Social Impact World is the private membership community built for social impact leaders in the corporate sector. We provide the networking opportunities, virtual and in-person events, mentorship, and educational resources changemakers need to turn their companies into forces for good.

Our North Star

We believe it’s time for business to be used as a tool for driving positive change economically, socially, and environmentally. 

We envision an evolved corporate world. One that bucks the traditional meaning of being a “for-profit” entity and ushers in a new way of building sustainable businesses. One that encourages leaders to strike a balance between profit and impact.

We believe in order to turn the corporate world into a force for good, it starts with the people on the front lines. The Social Impact Manager, the Head of ESG, the corporate social responsibility professional. These, and many others, are the trailblazers who are ushering in a new era of socially responsible business.

Social Impact World was built to help them get a seat at the table.

Guiding Principles

The principles that make Social Impact World…Social Impact World.

Give Back Often

Lead With Empathy

Be Purpose Driven

Practice Transparency

Community First

Be Kind

We're Building a Global Community of Passionate Changemakers

Behind the Brand

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown
Social Impact World

Alissa May

Alissa May

Regina Walton

The Conference for Corporate Impact Leaders | May 22, San Francisco

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Corey Hatcher
Corey Hatcher
​People Experience and Social Impact Strategist, UserTesting