Webinar • June 11, 2024 • 11:00am – 12:00pm PT

A Multigenerational Approach To Developing Socially Impactful Professionals Within Your Organization

Presented by:
Surayya Walters, Founder, Creator, and Host, Purposeful Professional Media

Professional development means different things to different generations. For some generations, it focused heavily on business etiquette and workplace conduct, for others, there was an emphasis on hard skills; however, the tide is quickly turning. With Gen Z being the youngest generation in the corporate workforce, and the generation most likely to desire socially impactful work, it’s time to shift how we view our development as professionals and individuals within a particular career field. 

Key takeaways:

  • How to infuse a sense of social responsibility into professional development opportunities.
  • Tangible examples of where professional development programs often fail to integrate social impact into their employees’ growth, and what you can do to ensure your organization stands ahead of the pack in terms of fostering social responsibility and ethics in your organizational culture.
  • Tips for creating multigenerational professional development opportunities that can appeal to the diversity and variety seeking nature of younger professionals (Gen Z), while appealing to the sense of maturity and purpose-driven careership that middle aged and/or older professionals might desire.

Surayya Walters

Surayya Walters is a social entrepreneur, speaker, journalist, and leader who is passionate about tackling social issues through her work. She is the founder of iDEIntity, a nonprofit that is dedicated to bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion to the startup ecosystem. She is also the founder and community manager of innovanoire, a social initiative designed to help young women of color launch entrepreneurial careers and ventures. Lastly, she spends her free time as a host of Purposeful Professional Media, where she interviews diverse and emerging professionals on their intersectional career narratives. She is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to uplifting the marginalized and finding creative ways to live her purpose and make an impact. Her writing has been featured in Jopwell’s The Well, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Wharton Magazine, and Feature Female; amongst other publications.

Walters graduated from The Wharton School in 2022, receiving her bachelor’s degree in economics, with concentrations in management and marketing as well as a minor in urban education policy. She has received various fellowships and awards, including Humanity in Action’s Racial Equity Fellowship, the LeadNext Fellowship, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Award For Outstanding Leadership and Service. Additionally, Walters was a 2023 Watson Institute Social Entrepreneurial Fellow and an entrepreneur in residence for Bubble Immerse, their premier accelerator for founders of color seeking to build technical skills. She is a member of the 2024 speaker cohort for Badassery – a community committed to building authentic and diverse speaker bases.

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