2024 Social Impact World Summit

Call for Speakers

2024 Theme

The Business of Social Impact

Corporate social impact isn’t just about volunteerism and donations; it’s much more. The practice has evolved into a powerful function that can deliver value for both communities and businesses. At the 2024 Social Impact World Summit, we’ll explore how social impact can integrate deeper into corporate structures, driving measurable business value while staying true to its roots of creating positive impact.

What We're Looking For

Case Studies

Real world examples of how social impact is driving measurable business value in corporate environments.

Data-Driven Trends

Trends, backed by data and clear insights, that will shape the future of the corporate social impact profession.

Practical Guidance

Guidance and strategies designed to enhance the integration of social impact within a business.

Call for Speakers Ends on February 29, 2024

Call for speakers is now closed

The Conference for Corporate Impact Leaders | May 22, San Francisco

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Corey Hatcher
Corey Hatcher
​People Experience and Social Impact Strategist, UserTesting