Announcing the Launch of the Social Impact World Forum

Author Image By Jeremy Brown, Founder, Social Impact World; Host, Behind the Impact


  • Social Impact World is launching a new invite-only conference for leaders in corporate impact disciplines such as social impact, ESG, sustainability, and CSR 
  • The first Social Impact World Forum will take place on May 22, 2024 in San Francisco

Since the lifting of restrictions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been eager to organize an in-person conference for social impact leaders.

Today I’m excited to announce the launch of the Social Impact World Forum, an invite-only conference for leaders in social impact and other corporate impact disciplines like ESG and sustainability. 

What exactly is the Social Impact World Forum?

If you’ve attended the annual virtual Social Impact World Summit, you’re aware that  we often focus on the practical side of social impact. While sessions align with an overarching theme, they generally focus on building effective programs and what other companies are doing to make an impact.

The Social Impact World Forum is more forward-looking. It focuses on answering one question: What’s next in corporate impact?

Corporate impact, and the disciplines that fall underneath it, is evolving. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does pose challenges for leaders. Learning new skills, adjusting priorities, demonstrating how you’re driving business value, and navigating external forces all become essential in this dynamic landscape.

The Social Impact World Forum is a forum for leaders to:

  • Have candid conversations about the current and future state of corporate impact;
  • Make sense of everything that’s happening in the profession;
  • Bounce ideas off each other in a collaborative setting; and
  • Support one another in an evolving profession.  

Why is the conference invite-only?

The Social Impact World Forum is invite-only to ensure the right professionals are in the room to maximize the value attendees get out of the conference.

We’re going for quality over quantity. 

Going the invite-only route ultimately enables the Forum to be an environment where:

  • High-quality, productive conversations can be had,
  • Practitioners can connect with peers doing the same work, and
  • Collaboration can be taken to the next level. 

Being an invite-only conference also means speakers are carefully selected based on their capacity to introduce innovative ideas, share unique experiences, and offer a distinctive perspective about the future of corporate impact.

What next? 

I’m incredibly excited about the Social Impact World Forum and what is means for the greater Social Impact World community. 

If the conference resonates with you, I encourage you to request an invite to attend.

While speaking at the Social Impact World Forum is primarily by invitation, if you have a unique perspective that aligns with the overall theme of the conference, I also encourage you to submit a speaking proposal.

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