Introducing Social Impact World Demo Day

Author Image By Jeremy Brown, Founder, Social Impact World; Host, Behind the Impact


  • Social Impact World launched a new event series called Demo Day with three distinct events for corporate social impact leaders, nonprofits, and product/service providers.

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of Social Impact World’s new event series, Demo Day!

Demo Day is made up of three distinct events:

  • Demo Day Impact;
  • Demo Day Venture; and
  • Demo Day Nonprofit.

Each Demo Day event has a specific purpose and a core audience that its ideal for. 

Demo Day Impact

Demo Day Impact is an event for corporate social impact leaders to showcase how their companies support nonprofits. This is an opportunity to highlight product discounts, pro bono services, and other philanthropic resources.

  • Who should attend: Demo Day Impact is ideal for nonprofits who want to discover how companies support organizations and uncover future corporate partnerships.

Demo Day Venture

Demo Day Venture is an event where product and service providers “demo” their offerings to an audience of social impact leaders. 

  • Who should attend: Demo Day Venture is ideal for social impact leaders who want to discover the latest tools and services that can help them accelerate their company’s impact.

Demo Day Nonprofit

Demo Day Nonprofit is an event that enables nonprofits to spotlight their organizations, the mission they’re on, and how corporate partners can best support them.

  • Who should attend: The ideal audience for this event are corporate social impact leaders who want to discover new nonprofits and uncover ways to best support them. 

Creating more opportunities for the Social Impact World community

Social Impact World’s community is a healthy mix of corporate social impact leaders, nonprofits, and product/service providers. The Demo Day event series gives each of these audiences an opportunity to not only put their work in front of a targeted group of people but connect with a peer group that can move the needle forward.  

This is the one forum where it’s okay to talk about yourself. In fact, it’s encouraged! 🤣

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