Introducing Social Impact World's Impact Vault

Author Image By Jeremy Brown, Founder, Social Impact World; Host, Behind the Impact
Impact Vault


  • Social Impact World is launching a new product called the Impact Vault.
  • The Impact Vault stores original research on how companies use their people, products, and capital for good.

If you’re subscribed to the Social Impact Examiner newsletter, you know each week I highlight one company and how they use their people, product, and capital for good. Typically, this takes the form of three to five high-level bullet points. 

What you don’t see is all the data that doesn’t make it into the newsletter each week. There’s a lot that gets left out even though the insights are valuable.

This is where Social Impact World’s new Impact Vault comes in.

What is the Impact Vault?

Think of the Impact Vault as a storage for impact data. It’s a resource social impact professionals can use to discover how companies use their resources to make a positive impact.

In the Impact Vault, there are company impact profiles. Each profile includes data, such as whether a company is B Corp certified and details on the nonprofits the company supports.

It’s a quick way to learn how companies are advancing their impact agendas without the time-consuming task of sifting through websites, articles, and impact reports yourself.

The best part? Company impact profiles are regularly updated as new data becomes available (e.g., impact reports), and new profiles are created as companies are analyzed.

What’s next? 

I’m incredibly excited about the Impact Vault and what it means for those who have an interest in understanding how companies give back, such as social impact leaders and reporters.

If you’re interested in gaining access to the Impact Vault, join the waitlist. You’ll be notified when it’s live in the coming weeks.

Note: If you’re already a Networking or Premium member, you’ll get instant access to the Impact Vault when it’s live since it will be included in your subscription at no additional cost. 

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