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Networking Membership

$ 5.83/month
Billed annually at $70
(Automatic renewal until cancellation)
  • Gain access to the Networking Lounge where you can connect with social impact professionals in bi-weekly video chats.
  • Sync your calendar for easy scheduling
  • Automatic peer-to-peer matching
  • Easy opt-out if you have a conflict

Premium Membership

$ 8.33/month
Billed annually at $100
(Automatic renewal until cancellation)
  • Everything in Networking plus access to exclusive, members-only perks for active leaders in corporate social impact, ESG, and CSR roles.​
  • Thought leadership building opportunities
  • Learning library full of insights and expert guidance
  • 50% off all paid events with an active membership

Vendor Membership

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  • An annual membership that grants vendors greater access to the Social Impact World community.
  • Ideal for product and service providers that want to get their brands in front of social impact leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Slack membership is great for anyone who wants to connect with and learn from social impact professionals using Slack’s out-of-the-box functionality. The Slack community is a great place to ask for help, start conversations with a wider pool of people, and network on the fly.

The Networking membership is for people who want to go beyond Slack and meet peers 1:1 in virtual coffee chats over Zoom, Google Meet, or any other virtual communication tool. Plus, members have full control over how often they get matched with peers.

Yes, you can have multiple active memberships. For example, you can be part of Social Impact World’s Slack community and have a Networking membership.

Note: If you have a Premium membership, you do not have to pay for the Networking membership. It’s included in the membership.

To be eligible for the Vendor membership, a company must have a product or service that adds value to members of the Social Impact World community.

Companies that are ideal for a Vendor membership include:

  • Social impact/ESG software companies;
  • Consultancies/agencies; and
  • CSR-focused recruiting firms. 

If you have any uncertainty regarding your company’s eligibility for a Vendor membership, we encourage you to submit an application. Each application undergoes a thorough review to assess qualification.

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Corey Hatcher
Corey Hatcher
​People Experience and Social Impact Strategist, UserTesting