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How do companies use their people, products, and capital for good? Social Impact World’s Impact Vault is where you find answers, so you can save valuable time.

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Access Social Impact World's original research into how companies use their resources to make a positive impact on a local and global scale.

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Discover how companies drive positive change with in-depth impact profiles, continuously updated with new data and valuable insights.

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Watch video breakdowns of corporate impact reports to gain greater insight into the unique ways companies give back.

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Go beyond guesswork. Gain a clearer picture of how companies use their resources to solve systemic problems.

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Ditch time-consuming research. Uncover valuable insights and get to ‘aha’ moments faster with Social Impact World’s original research.

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Don’t get stuck brainstorming programs. Discover initiatives from companies of all sizes and industries that can inspire fresh ideas.

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Corey Hatcher
Corey Hatcher
​People Experience and Social Impact Strategist, UserTesting