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Shaping the Future of Corporate Impact

The Social Impact World Forum is the invite-only conference where leaders and innovators in social impact, ESG, and beyond engage in dynamic discussions focused on answering a simple question: What’s next in corporate impact?

Why Attend the Social Impact World Forum?

The Social Impact World Forum is designed to spark conversations, elevate ideas, and encourage exploration into the diverse facets of corporate impact. From social impact to sustainability, this conference brings together leaders from a variety of corporate impact disciplines to shape the future of this work on a global scale. 

Take Part in Forward-Looking Discussions

Hear directly from leaders and innovators actively shaping the future of corporate impact on a global scale. 

Connect With Senior Level Impact Leaders

Mix and mingle with senior level leaders and practitioners who are redefining the corporate landscape. 

Tap Into a Support Network

Overcome challenges, get feedback on ideas, and uncover opportunities by tapping into the collective wisdom of fellow practitioners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Social Impact World Forum is exclusively for professionals who are actively in the following corporate impact disciplines:

  • Social impact
  • ESG
  • CSR
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate philanthropy

Although anyone can request an invite, all requests undergo a thorough review, granting access only to professionals who meet the Forum’s criteria.

Speaking at the Social Impact World Forum is generally by invitation only. However, you can submit a speaking proposal for consideration. If your proposal is a fit and you meet the criteria for attending the conference, you’ll be considered for a speaking slot. 

No, Social Impact World does not provide hotel accommodations for attendees. We can, however, give you recommendations if you’re traveling from out-of-town. 

Sessions at the Social Impact World Forum will not be recorded (or live streamed).

The Virtual Event for Corporate Social Impact Leaders | September 18-19

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