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"I can’t tell you how valuable it has been to join this community! I have already learned so much from the folks/events/initiatives I’ve been connected with, it’s pretty incredible."
Lenna Daniels
Lenna Daniels
Social Impact Program Manager, Vimeo
"Thank you very much for having this AMAZING slack channel. I am learning soooo much, enjoying meeting new people, and getting a deep understanding of each company's social impact initiatives."
Yoselin Gonzalez Mendez
Yoselin Gonzalez-Mendez
Community Engagement Manager, First Graduate

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“I love reading the newsletter every Monday. I find it super informative and it gives me exposure to what other companies are doing so that I feel informed about the market as a benchmark for our programs.”
Corey Hatcher
Corey Hatcher
​People Experience and Social Impact Strategist, UserTesting